From Our Home to Yours

Our small family business is centered around the home, with faith and family as its roots. From the beginning in our very own kitchen, we set out to create natural products that not only performed better, but were better for you! The scented goods we offer are created with quality ingredients you can feel good about. We use a special blend of coconut wax and beeswax, as well as fragrance oils that are totally phthalate free. This means our candles burn cleanly, last longer, and are a healthier option for your family and your home. Each candle and scent is carefully crafted to capture that warm, familiar, cozy feeling... to bring back a memory, or help create a new one! We hope you enjoy our collection, and we are so incredibly grateful to those who have supported our business and our family over the years.
Please reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Maker

Monica Thoman is a Ranch Wife, Mama, and Maker based in Wyoming. She loves creating art, eating chocolate, and most of all... pouring candles! She and her husband, Matthew, raise three little ones, some cows and some hay on their small ranch in Kinnear. Your purchase goes directly to supporting their family and their small business.

"The best part of doing what I do is being able to stay home with my family, and work alongside my best friend. While farming and ranching aren't easy, God has blessed us so much, and we wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so incredibly grateful, especially for those who have supported our family through this little business! Thank you, and know you are always in our prayers!" - Monica