Accessories + Home

  • Sugarplum Cashmere

    Not just a winter scent, this delightfully fragrance melts fruity notes of sweet plum & citrus into soft cashmere & white musk. Very classy!

  • Popo Agie Pine

    Deep woody notes of cedar and pine meet soft notes of lavender, with a hint of smoke. This is our most complex blend yet, and a top seller this year! If you love woody scents, you have to give this one a try.

  • Sweetwater Sunset

    Ocean air, sea salt & jasmine transform into notes of smoked marshmallow & vanilla in this surprising blend.

  • Gunsmoke & Lace

    This favorite is a sultry blend of smoke and vanilla with hints of leather. A truly unique scent with western flair.

  • Orchard Moon

    This is a new kind of spiced apple; dark and sultry notes of incense and myrrh blended with familiar notes of apple and cinnamon elevate this fall blend to a whole new level.

  • Holiday Pear

    Sweet pear spiced with honey and cinnamon rounded out with woody notes of pinecone, spruce, & fir. A surprising new favorite!

  • Ranch

    A fresh & homey blend of sagebrush, salt, & cedarwood... smells like Wyoming!

  • Canyon

    This fragrance is the perfect mix of fresh & earthy, with notes of cactus, sage, agave, & patchouli.

  • Forest

    A crowd pleasing blend of Frasier fir & blue spruce with notes of cedar & amber.

  • Sunflower Fields

    An earthy floral that beautifully blends soft notes of sunflower with warm sandalwood & amber.

  • Tobacco + Bay Leaf

    Surprisingly fresh, herbal notes of dried tobacco leaf blended with bergamot, bay leaf & cedar wood with hints of citrus.

  • Winterberry Spice

    Our classic Christmas scent is back! This has been a fan favorite since the beginning. A sweet (but not too sweet) winter blend of frozen berry, warm spices, and fir.

  • Apple Sage

    A delightful, fresh mix of crisp apple, coconut water, & sage, with subtle hints of pineapple.

  • Lavender + Amber

    Lavender is rounded out beautifully with notes of vanilla & amber in this luxurious fragrance.

  • Cotton + Sage

    Wild sage meets crisp, clean cotton in this refreshing, homey scent!

  • Sweater Weather

    Think cool crisp air, fresh fall leaves, chilly mornings... and then cozy up with a hot white tea, and warm fall spices. A truly fresh but cozy blend for fall!

  • White Christmas

    Tart notes of cranberry, sweet cinnamon and clove blend beautifully with cooling notes of white tea and citrus in this fresh & cozy holiday blend.

  • Berry Cobbler

    A delicious blend of blueberry, vanilla, sugar, & warm spices. Smells like you just walked in to Nana's kitchen with a freshly baked treat waiting for you!

  • Vanilla Oak

    Classic sweet vanilla perfectly balanced with earthy notes of sandalwood, bergamot, & oak.

  • Espresso

    This delicious blend of roasted coffee beans, caramel, cream & sugar is as addicting as the real thing.

  • Desert Citrus

    A mouthwatering mix of grapefruit, agave, salt & lime. A fresh take on a citrus fragrance.

  • Hearth & Home

    Truly the heart of our candle collection, this fragrance is homey, warm, cozy, and just delightful. A classic blend of apple, cinnamon, orange, & clove. Well loved all year round!

  • Cinnamon Rolls

    A sugary sweet blend of warm baked dough, cinnamon, and glazed frosting. Smells just like the real thing!