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Stationary + Stickers

Shop our newest collection of greeting cards, stickers, & stationary! All featuring work by American artists as well as some original designs by our founder, Monica Thoman.

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  1. Mother's Day Sunflowers Greeting Card
  2. Hey Friend Cactus Friendship Greeting Card
  3. Winter Sunrise Sympathy Greeting Card
  4. Utterly Fantastic Everyday Greeting Card
    Sold Out
  5. You're the Best Pines Friendship Love Greeting Card
  6. Best Birthday Landscape Greeting Card


  • "They literally have the best candles on the planet."

    Bailey T.

  • "Yours are the best candles I've found in years... Other maker's candles in the same price range smell great in the jar, but the scents don't fill the room like yours. You must put a lot of love in these candles!"

    L. Garcia

  • "I love everything! I am already obsessed!"

    Gia H.